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Services Rendered

New Large Site, Brand Positioning and Image Update; Specialized Copywriting, SEO, CMS, Sales Process Incorporation, Search Engine Marketing; Social Networking Coaching

RingMaster Software offers software products to the IT department of large corporations. The sales process is a complex one with group decision making. Their problem was how to market to this technical buyer who avoids salesperson contact at all costs. RingMaster found that these technical folks would rather interact with the website than answer the phone or respond to email. The website had to do the job of the sales person.

The decision making group to purchase RingMaster's products crosses several customer focus areas each with its own perspective. Therefore, the website must convey the benefits of the products via the perspective of each of these different stakeholders. Spring Above Marketing structured and wrote content for the new website giving each visitor role a different experience relating to their specific role. When the visitor enters the site, they must first choose their role or focus area. From there, the navigation leads them to content about the software products that explains the benefits according to the visitor’s point of view.

RingMaster Software’s products are solutions to problems people believe cannot be solved so they do not search for solutions. Search Engine Optimization was challenging. The best keywords for optimization were not always the most obvious. Much research was done to discover which words indicated someone was searching for a closely related problem and the happenstance upon falling upon RingMaster’s site would be a good one. Spring Above marketing put search capabilities on the site to watch what visitors may look for within the site too.

As a result of the work Spring Above Marketing was able to do around incorporating the sales cycle into the website and optimizing keywords for problems rather than for solutions, RingMaster was able to successfully reduce its sales force.

Spring Above Marketing continues to do Search Engine Marketing initiatives for RingMaster such as email marketing, webinars and social networking coaching.